Replica watches type-fake Rolex

1. The core of Japanese machinery replica watches.

1.1 Japanese original binary lion brand sedan core.It is a Japanese brand of double lion, which is a very early Japanese brand. It has a long history. A typical, two-lion logo should be a bit impressive. The freight mechanical replica watches, the medium and high-grade mechanical watch use this machine, also known as the "double machine lion." The core of the machine is a long history of the Japanese movement, the precision error is very small, and the power is strong.

Ii Swiss Machinery Core

2. The original Swiss ETA core.A cargo mechanical replica watches, the use of this type of machine in high-end mechanical watches. The real goods in Switzerland, the plum and Innag mechanical watches are mainly used in this type of machine inner core is also commonly known as "the core of the yellow engine." The core of the machine - Swiss history for a long time, accurate, small error, strong pulse.

The most important device in the clock ETA2 - not the main device rolex replica. A good core device not only makes the table accurate, but one of the main cost factor fake watches.

First, let's take a look at the mechanical fake watch:

3. Japanese quartz movement.

3. 1yaponskyy 5y30 original quartz movement, domestic brand quartz fake watch complete multi-region core of this machine, because Uranus, Rossini. It is also used in quartz watches for quartz watches. The machine is of good quality and good quality. Usually, this is not bad replica rolex, and the maintenance cost is also low.

3.Japanese original 1L32 quartz movement. Quartz fake watch: High-end and high-end Ommika for this type of machine. The core of this machine saves energy, good quality and low maintenance cost.

4. Japanese original quartz movement VC101. Quartz fake watch: This machine uses high-quality double-headed Longqing sensor. This engine manages energy, quality and low maintenance costs.

6. Japanese original quartz movement VX12. Quartz fake watch: A full tryholovyy counter for this type of machine core. High-end radar level gauge trucks also use this type of core machine. It saves electricity, good quality and low service costs.

7. Original quartz replica watches driver. Seiko's high-quality quartz replica watches uses the main movement. Quartz watches are made of high quality goods, and many people also use quartz movements, but at a higher cost. This small energy output is accurate, good quality and low maintenance cost.

8. Swiss quartz movement.

Origin of the Rundion Ronda country: Swiss quartz movement fake rolex, is a Swiss professional transportation, is widely used in quartz movements, small energy machines, precision, quality and low maintenance costs.